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Are you frustrated trying to get traditional SPC to work with short runs? Tired of trying to figure out the 'best' capability measure? Need help with your six sigma initiative? Want to read a few good books on quality topics? Then browse through our Web site and learn about our various services, training seminars, and products.

The International Quality Institute (IQI) is a private consulting firm specializing in the education and application of six sigma and its related quality-improvement methods. Our corporate mission is to provide the best training and consulting services that help medium to small-sized manufacturing companies maximize profitability by enhancing process performance and increasing customer satisfaction.

Formed in 1985, we have trained over 17,000 people from six continents in our trademarked, process-improvement techniques. Many of these students have completed our accelerated six sigma training programs and are now certified as six sigma black belts and/or green belts.

As an example of our continuing development and explanation of useful statistical techniques, read Davis Bothe's insightful article on why six sigma practitioners often incorporate a 1.5 sigma shift in their capability calculations.

New Six Sigma for Office Program

The six-sigma methodology was originally developed to improve manufacturing processes. However, there are many (if not more) opportunities for improvement in office operations and administrative functions such as accounting, invoicing, human resources, order entry, purchasing, receiving/shipping, warehousing, engineering, logistics, sales, marketing, customer service, production control, training, information technology, medical, security, and safety. IQI has developed a unique Certified Green Belt for Office Operations program that demonstrates how the six-sigma strategy and associated statistical techniques can be successfully applied to help the office operations of both manufacturing and service organizations achieve world class performance.

One of our consultants, Davis Bothe, has wrotten a new book that demonstrates how six sigma can be used in offices.

If you desire additional information about our services and products, please contact us. Thanks for visiting our Web site.

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